My baby and I circumcision experience

Each time I remember this, I ask myself how I managed to cope. It was sure an unforgettable experience.

So the day for circumcision , my friend drove us to the hospital and immediately we entered , the doctor just said to me , I will advise you stay outside because you may not be able to stand the sight.  So I quickly left in tears as I was already imagining the pain my baby will go through.

I honestly will tell you that I could still hear my baby’s voice inside my head….Lol
After some minutes, they came out and my little one was taking it all in as a strong baby, but I was so broken. I quickly put breast in his mouth, held him like my own life is dependent on his. **** mother’s love****

So immediately we got home, I gave him another pain reliever as I was advised. I thank God that I didn’t overdose him with it because I was so scared.
Then when it came to applying the Vaseline, I almost covered where he will pee from with it because I felt pouring everything will help him heal faste…

How is the holiday going?

Holiday season for kids is not just to play but also for parents to connect more with the kids and create memories.

I know that most mums work while some run their businesses; I usually advise the 8 – 5pm mums not to joke with their weekends especially the ones that close quite late due to the nature of their work, while the mums that run their business should  learn time management to enable them create 1 or 2 hours daily for the kids during this holiday.

I love memories as I feel that’s the only thing that we are left with at the end of the day. So creating bonds /memories with our kids and family in general is the only thing that matters.

Let me tell you a short story. So I was playing hand ball with my little baby some days back and I missed to catch one of the throws from him and guess what I heard ‘’ Mum, don’t give up ‘’, I smiled and almost cried because that is what I do tell him when we are doing homework or when he playing his game.

There is nothing like those little bonds…

Key items for baby shopping list

This topic reminds me of when I was shopping for my baby. I bought quite a lot!  Both the ones I used and the ones I never used, which led to the launch of @zadobkiddies, where mums can buy and also sell kiddies items that they never used.

So I had to put up this list as a guide to help mums shop key things they need for their little angels.

For me, the list below is very important:
2.Baby Bottles
4.Towels ( Face towel too for bathing  baby)
6.Burp Cloths
7.Manicure Set
10.Sterilizer ( This is not a must because you can buy a transparent bucket with cover , boil hot water and use it to sterilize the bottles)
11.Mittens ( To cover baby’s hand to avoid scratching face or any other part of their body)
12.Diaper ( I recommend Molfix , you can use huggies for the first 3 months then switch to Molfix )
13.Baby Bath Set
14.Dettol or Savlon
15.Baby Soap
16.Baby Rocker ( You can buy Infant to Toddler Rocker )
17.Swing with melody
18.Bassinet ( Gr…

What Inspired you

What inspired you to start your business?

Business in my opinion should start or align with passion not necessarily based on rave of the moment.

I recall how I started my business. if you missed that post, please click this link to read

To start a business, we need to look at the following:

Passion and interest, needs observed in the society etc , with these you are able to put in your all to deliver beyond expectation of your customers.

Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park, you can actually get burned out if not properly managed, you see yourself spending more than bargained.
Every business do face some challenges at some point , this is when your passion and interest  for what you do keeps you moving while you resolve the issue.
Apart from passion and interest, you also need to have knowledge of the field you are planning to venture into so you are able to gather all necessary information.

 You need to sustain you during you…

What Book Are You Reading

What book are you reading at the moment ?? I didn't want to wait till 2019 for this so started in 2018..😊
If you find it difficult to read, you can join a reading club or get a partner so you will be accountable and also inspired to read more..
I am currently reading "The Power Of Self-Discipline" by Brian Tracy.. I recommend this book to anyone that wish to move from point A to B , be it in business , family , career etc... The book is more like a guide , you won't even find any opportunity to procrastinate.
Reading is a platform for expansion in terms of thinking and always remember that everything starts as a thought before action....
You want to be my reading partner ?? 😊 Please send an email to
Still your girl Solum, stay blessed.

2019 Is Here

First, grateful to God for keeping us to see this new year.... My prayer is to be better than l was the last minute in all l do....

May we leave procrastination behind and keep at those goals we have written down..🙌🙌

Have a fabulous new year..🎉🎉

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Hype Around New Year Resolution

Noticed that new year resolutions is all over the internet now , lol!!!! Different quotes and all but guess what , without SELF-DISCIPLINE , we will just see december 2019 again and then start asking ourselves same question we did this year.

Let me tell you a small story about one of my 2018 resolutions in January....
So last year christmas, I was eating like the world was going to end and kept telling myself that once I get back to Lagos, I will do detox and start eating clean.... As at that January , I was weighing about 90kg. Christmas came and went by , and i got back to Lagos, did detox as I promised myself then all sorts of starvation kind of diet started and i also tried all deprivations but guess what?? Each time I decide to now indulge , I eat all up again then I go back to 90kg, I will then reassure myself that from the new month that I will be more serious, to cut the long story short, I came back home for christmas almost same weight...
Why am I saying this? I never discipli…