Let go '' Forgiveness''

Ifey Ebu shared some good tips on Forgiveness. Please read below!!!

'' Forgiveness is a virtue we all think we can afford until we actually try to do it.
Why is it one of the best gifts we can give ourselves, yet one of the toughest act we struggle with?
We all have different challenges with forgiving, for me it’s about having to keep forgiving when there’s a high tendency of a repeat offense? Sounds stupid? It’s not.
I’m human, as imperfect as any other human, I have made mistakes in the past just like most humans.
Thankfully, advance awareness has made me discover that forgiveness is the only way to set myself free from the hold of anger and resentment caused by previous hurts.
Since forgiveness is first for my own good, I can as well avoid having to do so over and over again by just learning to ‘Forgive forward’.
It means learning to forgive in advance. Kinda being in credit; instant and unending supply of it since I have to keep forgiving as long as I’m human coexisting w…

''Self-discovery and Awareness'' - Ifey Ebu has a lovely message for us

Ifey Ebu shared an interesting topic on Self -discovery , awareness and acceptance. Please read below!!!

'' Do you know what it feels like to chase success and lose yourself in the process? I do.
Got married to my college sweetheart, had beautiful kids, living in a choice neighborhood, had an awesome job with an enviable position. Good cars, Luxury vacations, etc.
Baby girl life, right? WRONG!
I was successful at building an image but I sucked at being me. I was a wife, fit-mum, daughter, daughter in law, colleague/boss, part-entrepreneur, church worker, student, friend, slay queen, insecure, etc. I was everything except the only thing I should have being first: MYSELF!
How can I be what I had no idea of? Instead I tagged myself with all the societal labels until I got weighed down to rock bottom. And I didn’t know who I was. You don’t ever want to be that way.
It got worse and out of ignorance I kept quiet because I didn’t know who to talk to and I was afraid of being judged. U…

Performance 101

So I was going through my phone and it struck me that the new quarter starts tomorrow.. A lot of things just came to mind. One is  gratitude to God for life and health & all the great opportunities. Next,  the following goals I set in the first quarter also strolled in; 1. Spiritual
2. Family
3. Career
4. Health / Fitness
5. Financial
6. Professional / Academic
7. Vocational
Well so far, I will give myself 40% based on this first quarter; and this is actually below half mark !
This is already telling me that I need to get my acts together for the new quarter. 
Goal setting is very key!
I call it a life guide because it helps you evaluate yourself based on your life goals.

New quarter is already upon us. Lets put it down and kick off.

Not Losing Myself

Do you sometimes feel like you are losing yourself ?
Confused at my question? 

Ok, let me explain what I mean and also tell you how I feel sometimes.

Some days ago, I was watching a movie alone and it just struck me that I used to be that lovey dovey girl . However, working as a consultant at the moment , in addition to building a business , working extra hard on being the best mum, wife , sister , friend etc has actually started taking a toll on me...

I was like WOW!!! Girl, you need to take a deep breath and balance this! If not you will lose that sweet little girl that wants to still be her lovey dovey self, build her empire and still manage her family..

Its all about setting priorities!!!    ~ Learn to say ‘NO' to the things you can't handle ~ Evaluate your self constantly.
These will surely help.

Constant evaluation of self is so important.  Try it and let me know how you feel afterwards...

Cheers lovelies

I am back

.......... Back again...😊

A lot has happened , both good and not so good but you know we try to take lessons from ''the not so good ones right'' ?

I will be writing again and also feel free to drop us a mail if you want us to post your article too.

Cheers and do have a lovely sunday.

Happy new year

I can't believe that I have not written anything in 3 years... Happy new year all. Hope you all are doing great. I am back and will start sharing my thoughts again with you all.

This year will focus on almost everything about life be it Health , Business , Faith , Relationships ( Marriage, friend , colleagues etc) , I can't wait for us to kick it off.

For now , do enjoy your Sunday......

10 Steps to Executive - Level Confidence

( I came across this post on a friend's blog ( and thought  to share. Source: Wall street Journal)

Making the move from middle management to the executive suite requires a healthy dose of confidence. Executives have to make critical, wide-reaching decisions, often with limited information and time—then persuade others to execute those decisions. Self-assurance is a must. Yet gaining confidence can be a struggle. The “Impostor Syndrome” is real:  researchers at Georgia State University found that 33% of the high-achieving adults they interviewed did not feel they deserved their success. The Imposter Syndrome meant that sufferers opted out of important career opportunities, to their financial and personal detriment. Women in particular struggle with confidence. They often are less adept at moving forward after setbacks, reading temporary failures as permanent deficiencies, and they often have smaller professional social safety nets than men. The good news…