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Most times we look back and sigh!!!!! Wasted time /resources which make us regret. I also look back sometimes and ask myself questions ....why did I not do this or that, am so sure that there are some people that do same thing but you know what, there’s a way out..... Stop focusing on your past but rather create a past that you will look at tomorrow and smile. Sure you are wondering how possible that is or even which one is better - creating a past or future? Look at it this way, few hours from now, today will be yesterday so why not make the best use of our time today so that we can look back tomorrow and smile that is a past to relive. We can actually live a life of no regrets by making each day count. Someone will be saying easier said than done but guess what? Nothing good comes easy and you need to do something differently to get a different result. Discipline and determination is all we need to achieve this ,weigh the two options , a yesterday to be proud of or a yesterday full of r…