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10 Steps to Executive - Level Confidence

( I came across this post on a friend's blog ( and thought  to share. Source: Wall street Journal)

Making the move from middle management to the executive suite requires a healthy dose of confidence. Executives have to make critical, wide-reaching decisions, often with limited information and time—then persuade others to execute those decisions. Self-assurance is a must. Yet gaining confidence can be a struggle. The “Impostor Syndrome” is real:  researchers at Georgia State University found that 33% of the high-achieving adults they interviewed did not feel they deserved their success. The Imposter Syndrome meant that sufferers opted out of important career opportunities, to their financial and personal detriment. Women in particular struggle with confidence. They often are less adept at moving forward after setbacks, reading temporary failures as permanent deficiencies, and they often have smaller professional social safety nets than men. The good news…


Long time my friends, sure you all are doing great. Pretty busy year , I call it my training year Lol !!!!!!!!!!!! , acquiring knowledge from all angles. Am so grateful to God for the opportunity, I will be posting some interesting articles soon. So watch out for your girl “Som-T”. Have a lovely day.