Accountability Partner : A Unique Tool For Weight Loss

 This time last year, I made a decision to launch my personal development & growth coaching. So many challenges came but , but I knew it was time as I  already prayed about it. I thought about so many ways to start off, as God would have it ,I had a baby last October and as usual ,I added weight,up to 108kg. I knew immediately that my weight gain after pregnancy was what I was going to use to launch my first course Accountability Program  - Career Development , Business Management , Weight Loss Accountability Program etc. Accountability is a crucial aspect of achieving a set goal. You will agree with me that when motivation is high, you see yourself working so hard on your business , career , weight loss etc.However, once motivation drops , we start struggling .The thought process of how we struggle when motivation drops was what formed my decision in launching '' Weight Loss Accountability Program'' .. Focusing on the key word Accountability ,when you are accountab

How l take care of my kids clothes

 We all can agree  that when it comes to kiddies ,one word is constant '' outgrowing or they grow so fast''. Who else understands this better than your favorite online discount store Zadob Kiddies, that actually started because of the constant word ''outgrowing or they grow so fast.. πŸ˜€, Do not worry at all mama, we are with you, so see below tips to help you when shopping and caring for your kids clothes. 1. Are you brand driven or functionality or quality ? Trust me, all are great. But the the thing to look out for is good deals. You see our angels, they grow super fast so I am a fan of all - brand , functionality and quality, guess what ? You can get it at Zadob kiddies , you know why ? Because a mum can an buy an item and see that it didn't fit or baby outgrew it so fast and boom , she brings it to sell at Zadobkiddies πŸ˜€ ..So you can actually get all in one at your favorite online store. 2. What Age Do You Buy ? I personally don't believe in that ki

Motherhood Financing

More often than not, women have to adjust their finances to fit their growing family, whether they are working mums or stay at home mums @shecluded.  Please click link below for more information on accessing Motherhood Financing..

How to finally "COMMIT" to losing weight

Commitment Commitment Commitment!!!!!!!!!  If only this word knows how important and often it has been mentioned, it will just comply πŸ˜€ How many times have you mentioned to your friend that your challenge is just commitment to this weight loss? If only you can commit to this routine, that you would have achieved a size 8 or 10?  Countless times right? I know, weight loss/fitness is one thing I discuss daily too so I totally understand. Let me share one gist that will crack your ribs ..hahaha! Do you know that my friend and I went for a birthday party some years back and didn't eat at all because we were on one yoyo diet πŸ˜‚. We had only water all through the party. This was at a Chinese restaurant. If you know me well, I am sure you will understand what I mean because I not only like food, I love Chinese food....I can imagine your face right now laughing at me... That's ok, please laugh with me tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚... The struggle is real! Hahahahaha! It is also depressing

Our paths are different

This sounds cheesy right but guess what? It's the truth.... Most times, we think that what works for one may work for us, but it's usually not the case...  pic credit : steemit Let me give you a funny example, so l joined a friend to do keto during keto rave, guess what happened?? 😁😁, l didn't last for a week πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ because it was never for me, l was so sad that period, felt like the world was moving but l was not so l had to look for the type of health / weight loss that works for me... Identify what works best for you is not just on weight loss but cuts across life, be it career, business, marriage etc.... . Sometimes, l hear people say " l don't even know what l want", that's ok, if you are confused or overwhelmed, you can always seek assistance, if that's your case, let's talk about it, send an email so to book a session or chat us via DM to book a session.. Please reme

Tips on how to identify people's need

So you have finally decided to start a business but how  do you  ldentify People's Need?  Image credit : Google  1. You can identify people's need by asking yourself  "What is my pain Point" 2. Your pain Point is a need for you and if it's a need for you, there is a possibility that is also another person's need  Let me give you an example of a pain Point that can be converted into a business...... So Mrs Ada buys goat and cow meat from Seller A She buys dry fish from seller B  Then Chicken from Seller C.... Thi s means, she shops from 3 different sellers and will also pay different delivery fees? Her pain Point can be dealing with different sellers,when it could have been one, if only  Seller A was selling all ...  Assuming, she (Mrs Ada) decides to run this business, her focus won't be on just cow and goat, she will add chicken, fresh fish and dry fish so her usp (unique selling proposition) will be

Business is not just about making money but SOLVING A PROBLEM

The question is "What Problem Do You Want To Solve"? . . I remember when @zadobkiddies was launched, it was the peak of Instagram buzz and l do spend time on the internet, so l started asking myself questions........ What can l sell on this platform?😁, guess that was the Igbo blood in my vein speaking...... While l asked myself the question, l was also not ready to just sell anything. Problem solving was all l could think of but didn't know which at that time.. . . My thinking cap came on, l started asking myself, "what's your pain point"? and boom, it clicked, it was the period l had my first baby, I didn't just shop and l over bought baby items...... ( Blame it on first time mum) 😊 . . So l was looking at a room full of baby items that were not used or barely used because they ( babies) grow super fast and it just hit me, there must be mums like me who must have over bought, l was like Alas!!! This is it,  l decided that l was going to creat